Davido, Dele Momodu and the Baby Mama by Tolu

Dele momodu and Davido's rant on social media yesterday was quite interesting. it almost sounded more like a script written from Bollywood  but  it turned out to be much more serious than we thought

Wouldn't want to bore you again with what happened because i believe everybody would have come across the story one way or the other but the gist is this, Davido had a baby with a lady which the family of Davido took custody off without any legal papers, and the baby mama has a journalist for a uncle , so she decided to speak out and all hell is let loose.

That's  the long and short of it!

So, We just want this issue cleared quickly because its sounding to be too big a  family mess.

Reading through both parties statement at first,   I couldn't help but call uncle dele "agabaya" for going at a small boy with the power of the pen and media, later I thought  it over and realized he was  defending his family. Davido claimed he was taking the baby for medical treatment while the mother claimed it to be child abduction..

The fault I find with davido was not alerting the child's mother, either she's irresponsible or a junkie she is still the  mother and she deserves to know about her  child's movement.

This should be a lesson for him, it is either he goes to court for proper child protection issues, If  he wants to escape the out of court drama. Uncle mighty dele actually took the issue the way he thought it right to be taken but   after due consideration from people (do I agree, maybe maybe not) he should have not pasted the chat between Davido and sopihe on social media, spreading their dirty linen in public

. He might be outrage about the insult he is being sibjected to by Davido but what do u expect from a small brat.

He is old enough but not that old enough, so dele momodu should have known better to start spreading all this in public.

Now Davido has apologized, which i think is the handiwork of Davido's dad who seems to me like a cultured fellow, so what happens after all these secrets both parties have let out?


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