#OldPost : The Trump Card in #POTUS2016

This  post first appeared on 12th august 2015

It's trump again! and this time he called bernie sanders a weakling for allowing "Black lives matter" activists to disrupt his campaign.

Bernie Sanders at a weekend event in Seattle at the University of Washington that drew thousands of attendees had his speech disrupted when two women took the microphone from him. He said if were in Sander's shoes, he would get physical *laughs" really, He said “I don’t know if I’ll do the fighting myself or if other people will but that was a disgrace commenting on the incident Away from that, now let's look at the "trump card"

As we all know and without any doubt, Donald trump is the most popular candidate in the whole of the united states contesting for the seat of the presidency seat in 2016,if popularity were votes, trump would have won a long time ago. There never goes a day , when the man does not show up on the news with comments he made about something, somebody, or even an event. His most recent publicity stunt is the Fox news debate which increased his popularity by a hundred fold, if i were a democrat i would be afraid of donald trump because trump in my opinion is the republican trump card or let me say, he is the lead up to the it. With the reputation he has built in the build up to the election, you would agree that the republican party is quite popular than the democrats right now, the democrats have not put up anything yet or anybody, the only popular face is Hilary. Hopefully, the democrats are planning ,and will come up with something in the following months, because trump has helped in increasing the popularity of the republican party and the popularity is so strong that there are speculations that if trump is not chosen, he might contest as an independent, which won't be a win-win situation for the republicans. Trust me, every party needs a trump right now, he is the most valuable player in this political game, so to the issue of the trump card. Obviously, without any malise, Donald trump is a clown who has all the attention right now and maybe that's what the republicans need right now, attention, all eyes on their party just because of one man. Although all these shenanigans pulled by trump might actually be a facade , a cover-up till the primaries take place and a candidate is chosen, and that candidate if eventually turns out to be another person apart from trump, the republican party might lose in the popularity polls and if they choose trump as their candidate to run, their popularity might go up, but popularity only does not win elections. So in my opinion, trump is just being used to build popularity at the moment but when the final candidate is chosen, all that energy by trump will be channeled for that candidate. Then you will have popularity and substance, 2 elements that might actually help in winning,trump with the popularity and the final candidate with the substance.


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