Woman who accused Chris Brown of Battery, had encounter with Jason Derulo

Singer Chris Brown was under investigation by Las Vegas police on Saturday for possible battery on a woman, authorities said, in a case that comes nearly seven years after his notorious arrest for beating then-girlfriend Rihanna.

A spokeswoman for the singer strongly denied the accusation.

Las Vegas police in a statement said a woman was at a party inside a hotel room at the Palms Casino Resort on Saturday morning when she tried to take a photo of the "Run It!" singer.

"The victim was alleged to have been battered by Brown, who at the same time took her cell phone," the statement said.

The incident followed the popular R&B singer's performance on Friday night at a club in the city.

Officers who went to the hotel to investigate the reported attack found the woman appeared to have minor injuries, but Brown had already left the hotel and they could not speak to him, the police statement said. Police did not say how exactly the woman might have been injured.

Police said investigators have still not heard from Brown. They listed him as a suspect in misdemeanor crimes of battery and theft, which are less serious in the U.S. judicial system than a felony.

Las Vegas police had not arrested Brown, 26, by early Saturday evening.

Nicole Perna, a spokeswoman for the singer, said in a statement the woman's accusations are "unequivocally untrue."

"Her claim that she had her phone in her possession inside the after party and was able to take a photo causing an altercation with Chris Brown is a complete fabrication," Perna said in a statement.

Meanwhile, the woman who has accused Chris Brown of punching her in the eye has had run-ins with celebrities before ... with the likes of Jason Derulo.

Liziane Gutierrez was enraged at Derulo back in August when she claims he ditched her as he left The Argyle in Hollywood. TMZ shot this video outside the club of Liziane ranting that Jason had flown her from Vegas to be with him for the night and for some reason left her high and dry.

Our Derulo sources told us at the time Liziane was delusional ... he didn't know her from Adam.


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