Twitter presents #JuniorDoctorsStrike

Currently about 38,000 doctors  are currently on strike which is the first of its kind in 40 years to protest against attempted Government changes to contracts while an hospital is reported to have ordered some of the staff particpating in the strike to return back to work.

The medics, who left work at 8am, will not return for 24 hours. This is the first stage in a rolling programme of three planned strikes  against the changes which doctors say  will put patients' safety and risk and penalise those working anti-social hours.

The Government’s new contract for junior doctors would discriminate against women, discouraging them from entering the profession and penalising any doctor who takes time off to raise a family, senior medics have warned. Under the new contract, trainees who decide to work part-time would see their pay increase more slowly than their colleagues. More than one in 10 junior doctors works less than full-time, the vast majority of them women – often those returning from maternity leave.  

Meanwhile here is what people had to say on twitter;






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