Journalism in our world today; An era of Arm-Chair Journalism By T.I.A

Malcom X once said, the media is the powerful entity in the world, because it has the power to make the innocent look guilty and the guilty innocent”

Some days ago, I got a call from this friend of mine who happens to have majored in English while in school and it’s been a while since we spoke. So after gisting, I asked if he could report for the blog and the response I got was this, he simply said, “ I never want to do journalism”. Was a little bit surprised at what could make an English major make such decision, so I decided to ask, and he replied, that journalists nowadays disseminate falsehood as news. According to him, most media houses and press companies including the reputable ones operate what is called, “Arm-Chair” journalism. Armed journalism simply means what it seems, sitting in your room or office and casting or reporting news, many of us are indeed guilty including I because nowadays in my opinion, not all the stories require us to be there because due to the advent of social media and smart phones, the number of unskilled correspondents has increased largely but am not here to justify but rather I want to relate what this learned friend said.

So in his opinion, due to this fact, investigative journalism is beginning to die and the truth has withdrawn into itself and falsehood and false news is the order of the media world. Meanwhile as I listened to his analysis, I decided to ask him , what about reputable news companies like AlJazeera, BBC,Reuters , CNN, and other  media giants. He said the same trend works out in these places who also carry false news , bastardizing the image of a certain parts of the world . So he narrated a story about the a breaking news BBC reported in 2005 in Nigeria involving the Sosoliso plane crash which occurred in Ifo, ogun state which is south west of Nigeria and according to my friend, while he was listeneing to Bbc radio , the correspondent of the Bbc in Nigeria reported that the incident happened in Ilorin which is North central of Nigeria and according to him, the correspondent reported as if he was actually there. However you can visit the BBC website to check, because even the website was unable to specify where exactly it happened. So this article is not to tackle the BBC, but point out the fact that Journalism in our world today is now an Era of Arm chair journalism, nobody investigates and if nothing is investigated, the truth will never come out and false hood will emerge victorious. The media practitioners including bloggers should know for a fact that we have a responsibility to our viewers as the fourth estate of the realm to report news without prejudice or bias, to report the truth even if it’s against our country or us. But the question is , will this admonition take any effect? that am not sure because the saying “he who plays the piper dictates the tune” applies to largely every media house in the world today. There are organization, multinationals behind these big newspaper companies and tv stations even blogs , so it is kind of hard to report something that would implicate your boss or in fact stop your means of livelihood. So the question is , when will the era of true journalism return and the truth be said


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