Wikipedia celebrates 15th annniversary

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales has said Wikipedia will become the "sum of all human knowledge" as the online encyclopedia celebrates its 15th anniversary.

Wales said the aim of the open-source encyclopedia was to "build a high quality record" of human history that "opens up a world of knowledge" to users.

The internet entrepreneur said sharing knowledge remained the core principle of the website, which is one of the world's most visited.

"When you think of the university-aged kids now, they haven't known a world without Wikipedia, to them we are part of the infrastructure of the world," said Mr Wales, who also outlined some of the site's plans for the future.

"It's important that we sustain Wikipedia for the world, it's a community project," he said.

"There are billions more people coming online for the first time and we need to meet their needs. Many of them will do so using a mobile device, so we are investing in mobile because we need to be there for them."

Wikipedia remains a non-profit organisation and is run by public donations and around 80,000 volunteers who edit articles that appear on the site.



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