How Healthy do you think you are? By Jimoh Ibrahim

You wake up everyday, do your prayer, take your bath, take your breakfast, then zoom off to work in search of daily living. It is so pathetic that there is no time for exercise in the equation.

Take a moment to ponder over  this, a generator set and an automobile filled with fuel but left unused, you realize that as time passes, the efficiency of both will reduce.

That is similar to what happens to our body system. A friend once asked, when should I stop exercising, I said to him, when you stop eating.

To enjoy the function of  an automobile it has to be put into use and serviced frequently. This is similar to what our body needs. We must endeavor to balance up the energy intake with energy expenditure by exercising. To achieve this, try to engage in at least 30 minute of low to moderate  physical activity.

Warm up your body,  jog around , breeze walk, static jogging is also encouraged.

Stretch to flex your muscles then warm down. Eat well, substitute the junks for fruits and vegetables. Believe me your body engine will work like that of a ferrari. Do not wait for the engine in you to break down before you get it serviced, for you will pay more in the hospital to get it repaired.

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