Questions about the Ice prince GF, Maina cheating claims with “Akin”

Currently what is trending in the Nigerian twitter-sphere is the issue of Panshak Zamani( Ice prince) gf, Maima who was accused of cheating with a fellow called , Akin who was said to be her former lover before meeting ice- prince.

Apparently what lit the Nigerian twitter space was ice prince's reaction to the matter.

After seeing the tweets by the guy, i think the guy really shocked many with his reaction which was to defend the accused lady and taking on the guy.

Ice prince5 Ice prince4 Ice Prince 2 Ice Prince

Now the question most tweep are asking is, How many men can do what this guy did?

My answer is many would and trash things out later because it is highly hypocritical to say no man would react when his girl is being harassed or better still insulted.

Most men will , so there is nothing special in what this dude has done, he has simply stood up for his babe like any grown-up man would.

As regards the cheating part, my question is this, what motive does the guy called "Akin" who is reported to be married have?

This could ruin his marriage, and he still  went ahead to post  the pictures online,  although there are reports  he removed it.

Apparently, general opinion is that the guy posted the picture to destroy the relationship between Ice prince and Maina because he feels, according to Ice prince, "defeated".

It is very understandable, he has lost such a fine babe to such a fine and popular guy, so he wants to get revenge for the betrayal  although it is indeed very petty of him as  he his said to have kids  but  why would he take such risk and not let things go.the role of Ice prince in this is commendable but not worthy of worship because the scenario is synonymous to two men fighting over a lady but ice prince has turned out be the bigger man and the victor.

What's the likelihood she won't do the same?

She's got some explaining to do , Ice?


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