How to take a perfect Iphone Photo

11 international photographers commissioned by Apple share their inside tips on how to get the perfect shot


1. For less contrast on photos, shoot before the sun comes up or before it goes down

2. Take photos at sunrise for pictures with cooler colours and at sunset for pictures with warmer colours

3. If you can’t find the right filters, use an app, like Darkroom, to customise your filters

4. Consider getting a lense for your smartphone like an olloclip for better zoom capability

5. Take photos of subjects or objects that you find interesting

'Sunset for warmer colours and [if you] want it a little cooler then sunrise.'

The expert photographer said it was also important to take photographs of what you liked and what interested you.

For those willing to go the extra mile, the Melbourne-based snapper advised budding photographers to use custom filters.

'I make all my own filters which you can do in a few apps. I used the Darkroom app. I find a lot of the pre-existing filters to be super strong with the effects, like the contrast,' Ms Phillips told Daily Mail Australia.


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