CAN YOU COOK? By Seun Lawani

No one can deny coming home from a hard day’s work and wanting their belly filled with something delicious. Also if we all look back to our childhood days our mothers’ delicious meal playeda great role. One can’t imagine a childhood without them, especially in this part of this world – Africa, which is rich in culture and food of course. It has always been the role of the woman in the household to provide nourishment. This is even evident from the fact a woman breastfeeds her new born baby.

The meal is a time for the family to sit down and bond regardless of your family size. Hence this role is of great importance to the family. This make it just as important to the society at large since the family is the basic unit on which every society is built. Hence this brings us to the question can you cook? Well as you can see this question is mostly directed at the young female of our generation, but I also want to ask young men out there can you cook also?

Cooking is a very important skill for both men and women to learn, let me ask would you take your children to eateries all day three times daily. Definitely a man who does not know how to cook will not know the value of cooking a delicious meal – for himself or others.

Nowadays you encounter people especially young women undermining the importance of cooking. You might argue that the modern world is more civil than this you could of course get a full meal prepared by a maid or a cook for you. But this defeats the process of family bonding over working together to even get the meal cooked. A family is meant to be self-sufficient since it’s the basic unit of our society.

Home cooked meals are by far healthier than the fast food you get around from eateries around. The family who cooks it meal can should therefore monitor the health of it member, since you are what you eat. People of this age should all know how to cook; Husbands, Wives, all Youths


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