#StoriesFromTheRoad by Thabit

While some are quite tragic, insightful and some are just outright hilarious. My recent experience on the road while I boarded a bus in Lagos was...... You be the judge of that, when you hear this story.

So, I boarded this mini bus at Ikeja, Lagos and I was the last to enter, but before I entered , an old lady with a small frame entered, prior to my entry and warned the driver about not closing his doors, for adequate ventilation because the vehicle did not have any windows( they were sealed). So 10 minutes into our journey, the drama began. The driver had closed the door. Before I go further, I must state that we were six in the bus, 4 men and two women. So, the woman complained to the driver about shutting his doors, stating the earlier agreement. The driver replied saying, the closure was just temporary, as he wanted to prevent damage to his doors by some randy, rough commuters. The woman's voice began to peak, informing the driver that she was not physically capable of withstanding the heat. So on hearing this, I thought the driver was going to open the door but I thought wrong. He simply said, is your fare worth the cost of the damage of my door, he asked rudely.

I was alarmed, so was every other person. So we clamored for the opening of the door. The driver opened it but that was just the beginning of the drama. The driver turned on the woman, accusing her of having a reputation for trouble-making, because in his words, the woman was notoriously known at the park for making trouble and vowed to prevent her boarding his bus in the near future. Meanwhile, what riled the driver up was a statement the woman made , saying , to hell with his doors after she told him about her health problem.

That got his hide and he reacted but the drama was far from over. The driver then turned on another guy, who accused the driver of having no regard for human life, a claim everybody in the bus attested to.

The grown up men insulted each other, and continued till I alighted from the bus. My question is who was wrong?


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