Does wearing sandal mean you are gay? The case of Nigerian Vs Americans

Seriously, what's gay about wearing sandal? Yeah that's the trending issue as a certain photo as caused a rancour between Nigerians and Americans. The photo which shows American rapper, Wale with Nigerian rapper,Olamide at the traditional wedding of Beat Fm Oap, Tolu Oniru(Toolz) wearing a native attire along with a leather sandal. And now that particular picture has caused an instagram spat between Nigerians and Americans as Americans are of the opinion that the dressing by the nigerian is so totally gay!!!! But Nigerians didn't take thing easy , as the Americans insulted one of their own. Although everyone of us have different sense of fashion, but the question, at what stage does a sandal signify homosexuality? Facebooktwittergoogle_plus

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