A  lot can happen within thirty (30) minutes. Some group of people may view it as a very short time to achieve one thing or the other, while another group views about it may be in contrast to the aforementioned group, but the fact is thirty (30) minutes equals 1,800 seconds. Imagine you are told that for each step you take within 1,800 seconds you will make 1,800 dollars, I am quite sure everybody will want to take as much step as possible. Who will not want to? Nobody, I will say, for we all want good things, cars, clothes, house and we all want to accrue more wealth. Here comes the big question, Will You Enjoy all those Goods without Sound Health? I am pretty sure the response is an unequivocal NO, because HEALTH is WEALTH. Apparently, what you stand to gain when you exercise for just thirty (30) minutes supersedes all those goodies, if not health will not be equated to wealth. So, take full advantage of this weekend by following these tips on fitness and wellness.

Get your thirty (30) minutes: Your goal for physical activity should be thirty (30) minutes each day. Take it slow: As a starter, you need not to rush, start slowly for your body to adapt to the new activity and make sure you speak to your doctor before starting an exercise program. Choose activity you enjoy: Walking, Jogging, Bicycling. Cut down on screen time: Long hours of sitting in front of the television, computer or video games increases the risk of weight gain. Walk whenever you can: Use the stairs instead of elevators Be flexible: Strech every day. Watch your diet: Drop the chocolate!!!


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