Prt1 : The Tale of a City Rat

Life in the city is all about struggles and it is way too crowded, at least from the perspective of a rat that is. Yeah am a rat, and I was born and bred in the city, making me an elite among my peers because I have lived the urban lifestyle all my life. So as I was saying , life in the city is a little bit tough because you have to struggle for stuffs especially if you live in the working class gutter in the city, but there is always enough to eat because  people in the city are always very generous. They are very "wasteful" people   and  have rubbish to dispose  all the time, so we never run out of food, especially the festive period. Xmas was a blast; I had a chicken to myself for a whole week.

So back to my story, am a rat, there is no need to reveal my name due to security reasons, I have a 10 siblings and numerous cousins, my mother told me. In fact I don’t recognize my cousins when we meet  in Public except when mum greets them  and introduces them,  when we meet at the food stores. Our family is an extended one, and according to grandpa who died on new year’s day, I have cousins all over the country and even some I hear live overseas. I wonder how it feels to live over there. So one day, some of my cousins came to visit us in our new house since the humans who lived there vacated the place without notice or care for us. What heartless creatures! So these cousins who mum said came from different parts of the country like Oyo state, Kano, Anambra(never heard of those place before, I bet they are rural) came to visit our house and also to take care of some unfinished business. What business does a rat have, I wonder! So after staying a week, the three of them left on a Sunday and on the night of that particular day while I managed to sneak into the main room of the new house, I overhead the human saying something about clearing out the rubbish and the gutters. When I heard this, my attention strayed away from the fluffy and sweet tasting and sponge looking substance on the floor in the room. I was disturbed, the humans were planning on destroying our home (very heartless people, humans!) but still the humans were speaking and I managed to  hear the common noun used to define us again and this time, what I heard before I left was this , "the man who lives in the next compound died as a result of the rubbish and rat droopings in his kitchen” How is that possible? Sounds disgusting, who does that? it wasn't me,   because I always use the toilets in the house.

So who did it, because I know my siblings wouldn’t dare.

See you next week, Rat listeners

This series is focused on sensitizing Nigerians on the dangers of the Lassa Fever virus, please keep make sure to detox your home and clear out the rubbish in your home and your neighbourhood.




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