Our people are adept at the dexterous use of metaphors to capture any happening. One of them is that a child who rapes his mother will have some weird advocates that will badmouth his mother and justify his act. This explains the problem with those calling for the head of the Chief of Army Staff on the Shiiite Question.

The Islamic Movement of Nigeria was not too popular to the Nigerian state (not to Zarians who were familiar with their nefarious activities)until its confrontation with the Nigerian military. The Sect had before this, held the people of Zaria to ransom with its nefarious activities and weird ideology which are not conversant with the mainstream Islam, Sunnis.

The sect domiciled in Zaria about 20 years ago. Its leader is one Ibrahim Al-Zakzaky, who is bankrolled by the Iranian government. Iran has been the prominent sponsor of the Shia movement after the famous Iranian revolution. Its disagreement with Saudi Arabia(that leads the Sunni movement in Islam) is an open secret.

The Shiite had, before the confrontation with the military, created a state within the State(Nigeria). It had engaged in all sort of anti-state activities ranging from infringing on fundamental human rights of the denizens of Zaria, Kaduna. On numerous occasions, it had engaged in weird Maulaud Nabiyyu celebration with a long walk procession of the members on major roads, constituting nuisance to road users.

During the regime of Abacha, the sect once torched the Daily Times office in Katsina because the paper was alleged to have published what they considered injurious. Al-Zakzaky and others were arrested but later released by the regime of Abubakar Abdulsalam. Not-too-far incident that paints the anti-state tendencies of the sect involved the ex-Governor of the state, Mallam Yero. He had planned to commiserate with a cousin when the sect asked him to disembark from his convoy because the sect was observing its Maulud Nabiyyu celebration. Yero later walked  through the sect to the abode of the bereaved.

All these and the recent nauseating constitution of nuisance by the group to the Nigerian state has reached apocalyptic level. Who is Al-Zakzaky? Is the sect high on some weird ideology? Can the Iranian government allow a sunni movement constitutes nuisance on its own soil?

Before this bloody confrontation, Malam Al-Zakzaky had been warned by some prominent northerners, chief among them is Doctor Gumi, a radical preacher. Yet Zakzaky travelled on the path to perdition and wilderness.

Though the Kaduna state government has set up a judicial commision of inquiry, while we await the findings, the Nigerian state should not hesitate to persecute Al-Zakzaky and other arrowheads of the sect. And Nigeria should be ready to damn the ultimatum of the Iranian government.


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