The Life on social media (the originality in falseness)

Am lying on the bed, feeling out of sorts, when I heard a ping and I checked my blackberry to  check my message but after reading my message, which I declined to reply because I was not in my talkative mood, I decided to check the updates section of bbm, and then this occurred to me.

Social media platform have become avenues of blatant and undiluted showmanship, everybody is always boasting of something, even those that are in need of dire help.

So I checked my updates, and all I saw was pictures of somebody’s diamond studded wristwatch, somebody’s $10,000 shoes, the stunning physique of a girl and her angelic face, a guy with an amazing body almost like that of a gladiator, a celeb’s wardrobe, even the pimple on someone’s face and finally the saw the intellectual boasters/philosophers with their “thoughtful status/words” and insightful pictures”. Nowadays Everybody is showing off and this trend is not exclusive to the RIM messenger app in fact it takes second place in terms of ranking as regards showing off, with Instagram being the No 1 being showing off platform . Here, even those who you think are not there for the attention leaves you disappointed when you look at their posts critically and discover that they too also are struggling for likes and follows and this is manifested in them celebrating their number of followers. So it’s quite hard to believe who is actually for real without nursing notion of deception. Some people change their pictures every minute either to make a statement to a friend they have issues with or boyfriend or girlfriend who they just had a quarrel with or to an old school friend who happens to be on their contact. Being fake has now become the new life, and as a result of this fake life, some go to the extreme in order to meet up with the personality they have on their display pictures. How pathetic? So, what If you decide to take a picture without filters? What if you show your original self, what happens? Nothing! except you won’t be noticed, and in today’s world, everyone wants to become a celeb, so even if you want to be the odd one out of the crowd, there is the probability that you would be influenced by the popular majority to also show that fake side of you.

But there is one thing that is quite comical about the life on social media, People understand falseness when they see it, they recognize it in an instant and they recognize originality too, so those who manage to be original on social media turn out to be the celebs on social media rather than the lot who live fake lives. Although some who tend to live fake lives on social media also become celebs but they become that because the falseness of their character has become alluring that it has become art to be appreciated, and that is originality in itself. The originality of falseness by T.I.A


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