Top leaders of ISIS Killed during meeting by Iraqi Airstrike

A Daesh commander in charge of the group's Baghdad members was among those killed, along with a close associate of the group’s leader Abu Bakr Baghdadi and a senior operative responsible for transferring terrorists to Baghdad, according to the statement.

"After completing reconnaissance and intelligence operations related to a suspected meeting of dangerous IS [Daesh] leaders in the Al-Qaim District, and after coordinating with the joint operations command in confirming the suspicions, Iraqi planes were sent to the meeting's location and conducted airstrikes against the militants, with 11 militants dead and seven injured as a result" the ministry’s statement, published on its official website, reads.

Iraq's military has been conducting an offensive against Daesh forces in Iraq's Anbar since July, notably carrying out an attack on jihadists from the group in the province's capital Ramadi on December 22. Despite the Iraq's army regaining control of the city in late December, parts remain under militant control. Ramadi had been occupied by militants since May.

Source: Sputnik


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