The Life of Pablo is Out and Available on Tidal!

The album of the life is finally available for all.

Kanye West announced on Saturday Night Live that his seventh studio album, The Life of Pablo, is now available to livestream exclusively on Tidal for the next seven days. Fans may also purchase the album on his official website, The rapper made his announcement right after performing "Ultra Light Beams," one of the songs off the new album

He performed the stunning, gospel-inspired song with Kelly Price, The Dream, Chance the Rapper, Kirk Franklin and a live choir. Right after the performance, he shouted out that the album is available on Tidal right now.

Non-Tidal members will only be able to listen to 30-second snippets of the album, which will be available below once the embed is live.

The rapper previously debuted the album during his Yeezy Season 3 show at Madison Square Garden on Feb. 11. Millions tuned in to watch a livestream of the performance on Tidal. The event was also livestreamed into 700 theaters in 23 countries.

Source: Mashable


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