Do you agree with Kanye, Should the prices of Book be reduced?

"if you want to keep something from a fool, put it in a book"

Kanye west on one of his usual twitter rant brought up a major issue that affects many lives and that is the issue of education!

Don't roll your eyes, actually the topic isn't boring as you think.

Kanye in his opinion thinks the amount spent on Text books is way too much and could lead the American society into Poverty and ruin if not stopped.

He gave an example of a woman who works to make $350 daily but her son's book cost about $400,

Although some might agree, some might not, Should the prices of book be reduced?

Infact this is a global issue, that deserves attention, What do you think?

Meanwhile, below are the tweets by the rapper who seems to be nursing the #2020 presidential ambition

Kanye 20201 kanye 2020


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