Peter Okoye, We don’t want to hear your family business by T.I.A

The most recent issue in the Nigerian music scene is the issue of the Okoye family( Psquare and their brother Jude). According to what Peter posted on Wednesday, the brand Psquare had cut all business ties with their brother , jude Okoye and did not want him managing the brand, Psquare again. After ranting,  his twin, Paul replied in a tweet which contravened what his brother said, Paul said family is family, and there was no breaking of ties. Until now, The elder brother , Jude Okoye has not made any comments but let me weigh on this issue because some of these artistes are so intoxicated with their status, they fore go common sense, just like Nigerian top blogger, linda ikeji did over the issue of her Hermes bag which led to her name being dragged in the mud. However to the issue at hand, some of these guys are from humble homes , so when they hit the gold mine , they misbehave. It’s the rag- riches complex. So Mr peter after dragging your own brother’s name in the mud , all in the name of business which itself has a code called “confidentiality” i.e there are certain things , that are never to be made available to the public except those involved in the agreement) your twin has the common sense to behave rationally and tell us, what exactly you indirectly told us. You are the bad piece in the whole jig saw puzzle, if you weren’t , why would you broadcast your family business, leaving your brother's name and family name at the mercy of social media scavengers who will not only drag you brothers name in the mud but also yours. Your home training needs proper working on. A family business is one which has one of the highest likelihood of survival as compared to partnership of strangers and what keeps it durable and long – lasting is the ability to keep every wrong , secret and scandals in the family. Family business are the stuff with which long- lasting legacies in any field are made. I guess you never read history! We don’t want to hear your family business, get your home in order!Facebooktwitter

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