Clinton wins in Nevada

Hillary Clinton pulled out a win in the Nevada caucus Saturday, defeating Sen. Bernie Sanders by a comfortable margin and giving her bid a much-needed boost as she heads into next Saturday’s primary in South Carolina.

Clinton was leading Sanders, 52% to 48% when the Associated Press called the race, with 64% of precincts reporting.

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Though polling is notoriously difficult in Nevada, Clinton's significant lead in the ethnically diverse state had all but vanished in the days leading up to the caucuses.

Still, Clark County — which includes the iconic Las Vegas Strip — came in strong for Clinton, helping her pull out a victory.

At the Caesar’s Palace casino, where workers could take time off work to caucus, Clinton won with 190 votes to Sanders’ 81 — largely thanks to Latina women who skewed older. Other areas in the strip provided Clinton with equally strong margins.

Nevada was an important win for Clinton, suggesting that ultimately Sanders was unable to siphon support from her among minority voters.

And now with two primary wins under her belt, the delegate math is now squarely in her favor as the nominating contest heads to the south where African-American voters, who overwhelmingly favor Clinton's bid, make up a large portion of the electorate.

Source: Mashable


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