Monday Analysis: Buhari do something by T.I.A

The quote that says “preach the need for change , but never reform too much at once” applies to Nigerian president, Muhammdu Buhari whose election on April 11 can be considered as nothing more than historic as an incumbent for the first time in the history of the country seceded power to a new person. So along with this historical significance, his election was coupled with hope, hope that he was the messiah, at least if not the messiah, there was the hope that he would be able to change certain things that were prevalent in Nigeria. Buhari was the hope of the Nigerians for a better Nigeria. So a few days ago, I was talking to a friend of mine, about Buhari taking too long to implement any major change which he promised. The friend replied, we should give him time, and if he is unable to do anything at least he should recover all the monies laundered by corrupt politicians. Is that enough? Should president Buhari just recover all monies stolen for the next four years and not the do any other major project. To be frank, Nigerians are expecting way too much from the over seventy-year old man, but that is not exactly a factor because a younger man did it, see where he got us but that does not dismiss the fact that Nigeria has been in constant economic turmoil for the past 9 months since his reign. It’s a fact! There has been fuel scarcity, the dollar to the Nair exchange is nothing to write home about, No electrical power supply, Boko Haram which should have seized to exist since December recently struck an area in Maiduguri killing over 100 people, the Shiite crisis. Am not saying the man is a bringer of evil- tidings, although the wailers would want me to say that, but I must say, Buhari needs to do something because patience is not something Nigerians have. Hope is the only tiny string holding the belief, the Nigerians have in their president and currently there is strain on it as men of the underworld whose friends “yansh”(buttocks) he has exposed are trying to make him look effortless. Which is where the quote comes in, Buhari cannot deal with the problems of corruption, infrastructure , economy , education all at once, which in my opinion is what is manifesto stated and what Nigerians are actually clamouring for. And that was the mistake, but you might say the manifesto of a politician is not exactly what it seems in reality especially the case of African nations. They state anything in the manifesto inorder to outwit their opponents and Nigerians at the time needed change and he preached exactly what they wanted to hear. In fact, Nigerians expected Nigeria to be filled with honey and milk on Buhari’s entry while some never expected to be rosy but they expected him to atleast execute certain major plans in his first year of ruling the nation. Although it’s not a year yet, but in three months time, it will be and that string of hope would begin to slack if he does not start to execute his plans. There is an Africa proverb that says, he who hurries to eat the hot soup, will appreciate the laws of patience when the consequence of his action hit him. Also a saying goes thus, delay is dangerous. Buhari should begin to implement those ideas , give us a snippet on what’s to come, feed Nigerians appetite of hope, let them dream about what is to come. Don’t just keep Nigerians in the dark and risk falling from their grace. President Buhari do something now!


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