North Korea send “Poo Bombs” to South Korea

North Korea's propaganda war with the south has taken a turn for the dirty after the Kim Jong-un -lednation launched a wave of vile 'poo bombs' at his bitter rivals.

The Supreme Leader is thought to have told authorities to send the balloons filled with used toilet paper, cigarette butts and dirty tissues.

Equipped with a timer and an explosive device, the muck-filled balloons are designed to blow up and drop their filthy load in South Korea.

The dispute escalated after North Korea carried out its fourth underground nuclear test on January 6, prompting the South to send balloons carrying propaganda.

In addition, the South resumed the blaring of pop music and propaganda through loud speakers into the North.

Many of them contain the demand: "Stop the anti-North psychological warfare broadcasts that light the fuse of war."

Others blame South Korean leader Park Geun-hye for the tensions.



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