Release Date of Apple Watch 2 postponed

While reports have indicated that Apple Watch 2 will be announced at an Apple-hosted event in March 2016, but that might not be the case.

The release date of Apple Watch 2 has been pushed back until September 2016 and is said to be launched alongside the iPhone 7, with the March event instead focused on the iPhone 6c (or iPhone 5se) along with the iPad Air 3.

The Cupertino-based firm is preparing a host of new straps for its smartwatch. A source has claimed that the update will include a handful of new colors for the Sports Bands along with additional colors of Apple’s latest collection, the Hemes bands.

The company is exploring more variations of the Apple Watch, beyond the Steel, Sports and Edition tiers available with the first-gen Apple Watch. Apple is planning to introduce new models that should sit between the most expensive steel Apple Watch (?949) and the cheapest Apple Watch Edition (?8,000).

Apart from updating the body of Apple Watch in its second-generation device, it seems the company might be introducing a new multi-function band alongside it.

Recently, Apple filed an interesting patent by the name of “Magnetic Wristband,” and details a magnetic wristband for the Apple Watch that offers additional functionality.

According to the patent, the magnetic wristband will include a set of magnets embedded into it, allowing the two sides to join together.

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