Russia expects Turkey to apologize of the shooting of it’s plane

On November 24, Turkey downed the Russian Su-24 bomber over Syria. The pilot of the Russian plane was killed by gunfire from the ground after ejecting from the aircraft, while the co-pilot was later rescued. Turkey's claims that its airspace was violated by the Russian aircraft were refuted by Russia's General Staff and the Syrian Air Defense Command.

"We expect the Turkish side to make a formal apology, to punish those responsible and to provide reparations for damages suffered by our state," Karlov told RIA Novosti.

He added that the statements made by Turkey about Ankara's regrets concerning the incident were not sufficient.

Russian-Turkish relations deteriorated following the downing of the Russian Su-24. In response to this "stab in the back", as it was described by Russian President Vladimir Putin, Moscow has imposed a number of restrictive measures on Turkey.

“We have successfully developed our economic relations with Turkey and goods turnover topped $30 billion and upward to 4.5 million Russian tourists visited Turkey annually. At the same time there is a certain number of countries with which our relations haven’t developed for decades, but simply exist. This could be the same with Turkey if Ankara doesn’t change its position,” Karlov said.

"We believe that a mediator isn't needed. Our position toward the Turkish side is known and we have disrupted diplomatic relations, but both embassies in Moscow and in Ankara are working. If Turkey wants to take real steps in normalizing relations, then it has all the possibilities of doing so," Karlov added.

Turkish Exports to Russia in January Dropped Three Times

Turkish exports to Russia in January dropped threefold due to rocky relations between the two countries, the Russian ambassador to Turkey said.



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