Amazing! Nigerian artist painting goes Viral

A Nigerian artist has gone viral after his ethereal, life-like photos, hit the internet, garnering thousands of likes and retweets on Twitter in the last 15 hours. The artist later identified as, Oresegun Olumide had been mostly unknown up until almost15 hours ago when one of his paintings made the rounds on the internet. The Net reports that, after a couple of researches on the name, were able to gather that Olumide's Facebook bio describes him as a professional artiste, residing in Lagos, and had reportedly graduated from Yaba College of Technology, Lagos State. These oil paintings from his ‘Glistening’ exhibition will leave you speechless as it has done thousands today. Paintings 3 Going by the reaction Olumide's paintings have garnered, he is obviously yet to recieve the kind of attention his photos deserve.

Source: Pulse


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