#Day3 : Times Of Buhari; Questions? by T.I.A

It’s the weekend and the light has been restored since midnight and has lasted for over 7 hours.

Seems things are now changing for the better

However, the dollar to the naira doesn’t seem to be witnessing any improvement.

Meanwhile,  I tried to move around and see what people are saying during the weekend.

It’s the same old debate, except the issue of the actress who was jailed for 5 years for hitting a man with her car which is also a trending issue. However there was a new trend which happened yesterday, and it was all in the light of criticizing the current regime, who some believe has failed woefully given he has not even used a year and has not implemented a budget which by the way is taking too long. The trend was on social media and it was tagged , when #CorruptionFightsBack, and in my opinion, I think the trend was created by the those who also started the #BringOurcorruption Hashtag. Somebody even asked if an election could be held to displace the current regime, but the question I ask, is , do Nigerians really want to go back to Square one after all the corruption cases that have been unveiled? However, the #CorruptionFightsBack hashtag posed a question, if Corruption has decided to fight back, how can the current administration beat it? The reason for this last question is that it is evident that the regime is currently battling too many issues, and having this kind of situation, will just make all the efforts of this regime useless and the Nigerian struggle to elect this current administration wasted. If #CorruptionFightsBack which I must agree is true as we have seen with the tampering of the budget by the Budget Cabal and the #DasukiGate ( even the President was fingered in the case) , Then this administration got some serious issues because Corruption is a formidable opponent, which according to a scholar in his words said, “Corruption is official in Nigeria, and official is Corruption” So this administration needs to concentrate its power in fighting or tackling issues, but the question is, which issue should be No 1 on the list?


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