#IncaseYouMissedIt Inside the mind of a Child- suicide bomber

Nowadays, hearing incidents about children taking part in suicide mission is not a strange thing to the world especially for those living in the Middle East and West Africa, because of the presence of terrorist groups like the ISIS and Boko Haram.

So what still remains a mystery to me is the act of brainwashing, how do you make a human being willingingly ommit suicide?

What type of morale do they give these kids that they are not in any way afraid to kill themselves and everyone they are sent to kill?

Carrying a bomb itself is dangerous, not to talk of detonating it and taking one’s own life?

Sometimes i ask myself do these people/kids see devils with horns when they look at us, so it becomes easy for them to detonate a bomb, kill themselves and others.

Or due what they have been taught,  when they are set to carry out the task, the knowledge they have suppresses the power of the humane feeling( because am sure at the time of carrying out an attack, there is at least a spark of sympathy that flashes in the mind of this kids but the spark is not powerful enough to challenge the power of the knowledge they have been brainwashed with)

What goes on in the head of the terrorist and the suicide bomber, do you have an idea?

Can we call these kids who are within the age range of 13- 16 , terrorist?


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