“The Boarder’s tale” is NOW ON OKADABOOKS! (Excerpt inside)

At last the boarder's tale  is out !!! and for Nigerians , the story just got better and closer as you can now get  the Boarder's tale on Okada books

Also,  you can get the Boarder's tale on Amazon.com and enjoy the short but interesting story of a boy's journey in the unfamiliar world of the boarding school.

Below is an excerpt from the book, enjoy

"Then in the middle of the night, I heard a loud voice shouting “Wake Up”, it sounded strange but i managed to stand up to see what the noise was about. I discovered the time was just 2am, and my heart began to race as to what was happening, I began to wonder what kind of strange noise woke someone at 2am, when i knew the time the bell rang was 5am.

My mind began to race as I thought of all the different stories and rumors of the halls of the boarding school, where strange voices, strange beings roamed. I knew of the legendary “Miss Koinkoin” who was said to come to the rooms of boarding house boys and her arrival was made known by the sound of her high-heeled shoes which made the sound “koinkoin”, hence the derived name of Miss Koinkoin. Other tales i heard was the story of the bush baby, its cries and its legendary mat which some who believe gave you a lot of wealth if you gained hold of it but to get access to the mat was a task nobody has ever accomplished and several other strange characters. These were all the rumors I heard about boarding school, so I became apprehensive when i heard the sound of wake up at 2am. I thought it was one of those creatures i heard a lot about, i was frightened beyond words"

Continued Here 


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