Brussels in Trouble, as Another bomb rocks Maalbeek and Schuman metro station

A blast has been reported at the Maalbeek metro station in Brussels, which is just meters away from the Gare de Bruxelles-Schuman railway station. The explosion comes less than an hour after a bombing at a Brussels airport killed as death toll hits 17 people. Large amounts of smoke have been seen coming out of the metro station in the Belgian capital. Brussels’ transport authority says all metro stations in the city are being closed, Reuters reports.

The Mallbeek station is also near a number of important EU buildings such as Berlaymont building, which houses the EU Commission and the Council of the European Union.

Belgian authorities have raised the security alert to the highest level following blasts at the Zaventem Airport and Maalbeek Metro station.

Meanwhile, in a new update, Another blast occurred at the Brussels Metro’s Schuman station which is next to the headquarters of the European Commission and the European Council.

Source: RT


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