Can Kendrick Lamar save Reebok?

One way Reebok is changing the way people think about the brand is by partnering with a star rapper.

This tactic has been successful for Adidas and Puma, with Kanye West and Rihanna, respectively.

And there's certainly a storied connection between famous rappers and the fashion industry.

"Hip-hop and fashion are the same thing," Lamar said to Fashionista. "It's been that way since Run-DMC in the '80s. You've got to attach yourself to something that represents you."

Reebok has been partnering with Kendrick Lamar since late 2014, and most recently, he's been promoting a Reebok's classic leather gum shoes, as evidenced by Reebok's Instagram posts. Last year, he launched a pair of Ventilators that served as a call to end gang violence in his hometown of Compton, Mic noted.

But can that — as Complex wondered in early 2015 when Lamar partnered with Reebok for a campaign surrounding the classic Ventilator shoe — enough to save Reebok?

Source: Business Insider


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