#Day1 : The Times of Buhari by T.I.A

Day 1 This is tagged Day 1, because this is the first record of experiences Nigerians are currently undergoing and it is the first edition. So today marks the fourth day since have seen light (electricity), have not a glimpse of it. Today petrol sold for #120 per liter in many areas, and according to what I hear this is rather cheap compared to other places where the product is sold. The dollar to the naira at the Inter bank exchange is 199 to the dollar and the parallel market ( the abokis a.k.a money changers) it is still over 300. A bag of pure water sells from #200 or #150and even you are lucky enough , you get it for #120 and by virtue of this, the sachet water which was formerly sold for #5 per piece has now become permanent at #10 a piece and even #20 a piece in some places. Water itself has become an expensive commodity, as the abokis who fetch water have increased the price to #300 from #250 The major chant by the market seller and many other trades even the locust bean seller to the orange seller, is the dollar has become scarce and so by virtue of that, things have to become expensive. Food commodities have now become gold in our homes, nobody dares eats with two pieces of meat now, except he is satisfied he is never going to get to taste beef till the next week.

Also, Black market sellers of petrol have become thousandoniers over time, and yet there is fuel but the dollar effect seems to be everywhere.

Sockets and Extensions are another set of valued assets nowadays; it’s everywhere nowadays, at every corner where electricity can be found. Hence, sockets and extensions have become expensive but not that expensive, at least the adaptor is till the same price. Don’t be surprised when people fight at extension units (public places that are you likely to find extension, sockets’ and light), examples are schools, halls, religious institutions, even buses. People actually now pick buses with charging extensions especially during the evening period. Now let’s look at what the news says about what is going on in the FG during this difficult times FG is doing about this difficult times. The current news relating to the issues stated above is the unbundling of the NNPC , which was protested by the workers yesterday and as a result , the hardship continues. Also the fact that previous regime spent 2.2 billion on prayers against Boko Haram. However, what is currently going on in the streets is a fierce debate between fans of Buhari and the previous regime of Jonathan. I once heard a man who happened to be a Goodluck Jonathan fan telling his counterpart who happened to be a Buhari fan in pidgin, “When my brother( Jonathan) I guess the man is from Bayelsa) was in government, una dey complain but sai buhari don enta now, things just hard”

This is exactly the debate going around Nigeria right now even on social media.

There are three classes of people as regard this debate, the die-hard Buhari fans who have blamed the current state of things on the sabouters and believe the implementation of the budget will return things back to normal, The Bring-Back-our-corruption or APC/Buhari critique and the skeptics who were formerly Buhari fans but as a result of the state of things are skeptical if the president can actually deliver. What is your experience?


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