#Day5: Times Of Buhari( Who is the Liar?) By T.I.A

Not again.

The terrorist group, Boko Haram struck again killing over 20 people in a mosque in Maiduguri while the victims were praying. This is indeed sad news for Nigerians and Nigeria, However, it does not come as a surprise but rather a shocking incident. It isn’t a surprise because Nigerians have come to accept this sort of news as everyday news, although it is second to corruption news. It is shocking because, the Nigerian president alongside his information Minister just a few days ago alleged that the terrorist group has been conquered. Who is lying? In the face of fact and figures, and the recent events, there is no need for a soothsayer to inform you that this terrorist group, which has terrorized Nigeria for over 6 years, is very much around. Although we hear news of our soldiers conquering and defeating these guys on the battle fields, Is this enough indication that we are winning the war?

Where are our girls? Are they dead or Alive? If we are winning, some of these questions should be easy for the government to answer instead of announcing that the terrorist have been conquered. The matter almost has a psychological aspect to it, when the terrorist hear this, they motivated to attack, and they see it as an avenue of proving themselves and making the presidential announcement look false. In the news, a witness testified against Former Chief of Army staff , Air- Chief Marshall, Alex Badeh about buying houses for his sons and renovating the houses at exorbitant prices. However, the dollar is still high, the light- palava has returned and the queuing at the filling station seems to have reduced while the debate over Buhari's capability continues to wax stronger, with the Buhari critics currently  looking like the winning side.



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