#Day6: Times of Buhari ” Economic crisis is a blessing in disguise”

I have nothing much to say today, i think this statement by the Nigerian president on the state of the nation and the experiences of Nigeria is sufficient to cover today's issue.

President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari while speaking at the opening ceremony of the International Islamic Conference on Peace and Nation Building in Abuja on Thursday, declared that the current economic crisis the country is facing is a blessing in disguise.

Buhari said the hardship would galvanize Nigerians to come up with innovative ideas which would lead to development.

He said: “The global economic challenges the world is grappling with today might well turn out to be a blessing for us in Nigeria, because it will stimulate the latent economic opportunities that we have left untapped for decades.”

“Poverty breeds disaffection, which in turn leads to crime and lawlessness including confrontation against the State. To checkmate this, we must work hard to lift our economy, engage our youth and rebuild infrastructure.”

“We can only achieve these with the full cooperation of all Nigerians and under a stable polity. We are determined to do this and we shall not be deterred.”

Furthermore, President Buhari slammed the terrorist sect, Boko Haram describing them as a mindless terrorist organisation while noting that the government was winning the war against the insurgents.

He also revealed that upon total victory, the government would move to study the origin of the menace of Boko Haram, the remote and immediate causes of the movement and its sponsors so as to ensure that they do not resurface.

Source: Ynaija


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