‘Half of U.S. women have “very unfavorable” view of Trump-Megyn Kelly shades Trump

Megyn Kelly took to social media on Thursday while Donald Trump waged an attack on the Fox News host calling her 'crazy' multiple times.

The popular host of The Kelly File linked to a Reuters story on Twitter with the headline; 'Half of U.S. women have "very unfavorable" view of Trump: poll.'

She was immediately hit with a wave of responses attacking her from Trump supporters.

Kelly opened up about her relationship with Trump in an interview with the April issue of MORE that will hit newsstands next week.

Kelly talked about Trump's decision to skip the Iowa debate she moderated just before the state's caucus, saying she wished that her Fox News coworker Bill O'Reilly would have stuck up for her more when he spoke to the front-runner the night before to try and convince him to take the stage.

'I do wish that O’Reilly had defended me more in his interview with Trump. I would have defended him more,' revealed Kelly.

'Honestly? People think I’m fearless. But I’m human. I was not looking forward to going out on that stage and dealing with Trump if he was going to attack me.

'I felt the pressure of that and the stress of that. But I also knew I would walk through that fear and I would go out there and I would handle it. I can muster up the courage in the difficult situations to get me through.'

Kelly said in the interview that Trump's attacks on her, and decision to skip the debate, should ultimately serve as a lesson for politicians.

'The result in Iowa, to the extent it damaged Trump’s fortunes, as Trump believes it did, will hopefully serve as a lesson to other politicians that they bully the media at their own peril,' explained the Fox News host.

'It’s always fun to beat up on the moderators in the press - I get that - but there is a boundary one should not cross, and hopefully this helped define where it is.'

She later added about Trump's attacks on her: 'I’ve been thinking about that Margaret Thatcher quote where she said something like, "I love when they attack me personally because it means they don’t have a political argument left."'

Meanwhile, Kelly's feud with Trump has been reignited after the front-runner announced Wednesday morning he refused to participate in the next debate, to be hosted by Fox News and moderated by Kelly.

During the last debate, Kelly did not ask Trump a question for the first 30 minutes of the debate, but when she did about his immigration policies, Trump greeted her by saying; 'Nice to be with you Megyn. You’re looking well.'


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