Identity of second Ankara bombing supect revealed!

The identity of the second suicide bomber, who committed the March 13 attack in Ankara, has become known, Hurriyet newspaper reports.

The report, which cited the country’s law enforcement authorities, said 26-year-old Ozgur Unsal, a Turkish citizen, was one of the March 13 suicide bombers.

Six years ago Unsal moved to Ankara from Turkey’s Zonguldak province, according to the newspaper.

A car bomb exploded in Ankara on March 13, near a crowded bus stop. The explosion killed as many as 37 people, 125 more got injured.

On March 14, the Turkish newspaper Sozcu revealed the name of a female suicide bomber, who may be involved in the Ankara blast.

The newspaper said the female suicide bomber probably was Seher Cagla Demir, a member of the PKK terrorist organization.

Preliminary reports said two suicide bombers, a man and a woman, triggered an explosive device while in the car.

Source: TrendNewsAgency


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