I was talking to an old friend some days ago, and he brought an issue to my hearing, an issue which was borne out of a comment made by a woman he came across, some days before that day.

The woman said “after my undergraduate degree, i will go ahead with my post graduate degree, then become a full-house wife”

This opened the Pandora box, my friend told me he agreed with the lady and all ladies becoming full-house wives, I disagreed and I told him “full house wives are completely useless , redundant and not productive to a marriage”.

My friend was not ready to accept this point; he said he believed the role of the women was to take care of the family and the Kids, he was of the opinion that if the wife wanted  a job, she should either be self-employed or be content with the job of taking care of the kids which is her sole responsibility while the man goes to hustle for the family, which in his own opinion is his sole responsibility.

In his opinion, the advent of women into career lines led to the “major societal problems”  that we have today.

He believed that if women stayed home and took care of their homes than careers, they will be lesser divorce rates, lesser unwanted pregnancies and less juvenile delinquencies and other societal problems affecting society.

Hmmm, he had a point but i failed to agree that a woman was meant to be a housewife, taking care of only the kids, although i agree with the point that some women take care of the careers instead of their children.

It’s almost impossible to do both at the same time.

This friend of mine also pointed out an instance of how career women have failed and neglected their role in the family, THE OREKOYA CASE.

For those that don’t know, this particular case took place in Nigeria, some weeks ago with the kidnap of 3 little kids by a Nanny who had barely worked for 48 hours. The social media platforms went agog in trying to help  find these kids and eventually they were found.

Good, kudos to the tweeps and facebook users and bloggers but the fault was with the wife in this case, who employed a maid from an online market place, OlX, she was too busy that she “punched buttons on a laptop to hire a stranger to take care of her kids”. This is indeed the height of irresponsibility! If the kids were old enough, they might not have forgiven the woman, because she seemed to care more about saving her career as a banker than finding a suitable person for kids she claims to love.

I agreed with that point, but i made my point clear also that, a full house wife is redundant and will only make a marriage crash because, not all times can be “rosy” for the chap who is her husband and if the wife is so dependent and the husband is unable to provide for a while, the home might just degenerate and the idea of  a“full house wife” only creates dependent children

So i advised that the woman should at least do something to provide, contribute to the family in a way, there are a lot of jobs that do not require you going very far for a job, you can sit at home and work, although i don’t support the idea of “full house wifery” because marriage is an agreement , a union to support and cater for each other for the rest of the couples of lives. It is not a one-sided game.

So in the end i agreed that a full career woman who is working under someone, who is expected to resume at 7am in the morning and close at work by 8am, cannot take care of the family because she lives before 7am to beat rush hour and comes back late, who are we kidding, the kids practically see the Nanny as the mother-figure for them than the mother.

To  all the woman doing the impossible job, balancing home life with career, kudos.

Till now, i don’t  know which is the ideal wife

So what is your opinion, who is the ideal Wife?

Please drop your comments below!Thank You!


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