ISIS claim responsibility for #BrusselsAttack, Police begin search for suspect

ISIS claimed responsibility for coordinated bombings that killed at least 31 people at the airport and the subway on Tuesday morning.  and U.S. counterterrorism officials said the claim appeared genuine.

The terror group's statement, posted by the ISIS-affiliated Amaq news agency, said Islamic State fighters carried out the bombings with "explosive belts and devices." It also claimed that the suspects "opened fire" before detonating their bombs at the airport.

Counterterrorism officials from the United States and other countries told NBC News that the airport attack involved three suitcase bombs. Two of them were detonated by the terrorists, while a third did not explode and was blown up by Belgian authorities. Belgian police confirmed that three men in a photo taken from surveillance video — pushing luggage carts with bags through the airport — are considered the suspects.

Meanwhile, Belgian police  searching for a suspect in the Brussels airport attack  after two of the men who  carried out the attack, who were dressed in black, are believed to have died when the bombs exploded.

However, A third, wearing a black hat and a white jacket, is being sought. Police released his photo on a wanted poster with the question: "Do you recognize this man?"

The names of the men were not released.

In the hours after the attacks, investigators carried out raids across the country that turned up several unexploded devices, sources said. The Belgian prosecutor's office said a raid in Shaerbeek yielded an improvised explosive device containing nails, chemicals and an ISIS flag.

It was not clear how the raid sites were connected to the suspects.

U.S. intelligence officials said their working theory is that Tuesday's attacks were carried out by ISIS militants and sympathizers who were part of the same network that conducted the Paris attacks in November.

Source: Nbc News


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