Monday Analysis: YOUR VALUE by Toyyib

Value according to the dictionary is the worth, usefulness, importance of an item. The value of a person is the worth of that person, importance of that person in the face of the society. Every man alive has a value, positive or negative, high or low. A baby to the mother has a value, a brother to the sister, father to son, boss to worker and so on. What is more interesting and challenging is what our neighbour thinks of us. Yes, our friends and family will tolerate us because they are blood but what do we say of strangers, co-workers, colleagues, a man on the street. What then is our value, our worth in the face of these people. Do they regard or disregard us. Do they think lowly of us when we’re not present while pretending in our presence. The value of an individual is in what he says. What he does, how he thinks, what he wears, how he acts, when he acts and so on. This is the summary of a man’s life style so we can say our lifestyle defines us. Those choices will determine what people think of us. We have to choose right, do better.

Let me end with this illustration. It’s about two people, Mr. Ade and Mr. Segun. They are both retired civil servants with different ways of life. Mr. Ade is corrupt in his ways, stepped on people’s toes, took their money, took their lands, and used his power for all the bad things possible. Mr. Segun on the other hand is good in his ways. He does everything diligently and noble. He is reputable and help all young and old. The question in all of this is around the corner of the value of them both. What do people think of them? What is there value, what is there worth? The first one might be the wealthier with more properties but the truth is Mr. Segun will be more respected, have more value and hence get more favours. Some people will say Mr. Ade has power, exposure that comes with his dealings but what is the good in that if all everyone does is mock him. Some people will say Mr. Ade’s lifestyle is our culture, a part of us to look for wealth by all means. Well definitely we should strive. We still have to strive in a holy manner. Some people will say he is happy. That is not what we are talking about here. We are talking about how the society feels, happy or sad not how he feels. In Mr. Ade, society gets more sadness. What do we say about having all the power of the world and still meaning nothing to everyone? Mr. Segun on the other hand could have equal or more power with time but in his case, it comes with utmost respect and value. So, ladies and gentlemen, choose carefully; • Be corrupt, lead a bad life, get wealthy, have power but no value. OR • Be noble in your ways, thread softly, gather wealth, maybe some power, be respected and have some value.


ABDULKAREEM, Toyyib Oladimeji


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