Piers Morgan open Letter to Prince Harry on plans to attend Yale University

Dear Prince Harry,

I hear you may be considering attending Yale University to study law.

There was a time when I would have urged you to do this; a bygone, glorious time when Ivy League university campus life was actually fun.

A time in which young adult men and women came together in academic, sporting and social harmony. They worked hard, played hard, drank too much, had wild sex (a lot) and even took the occasional substance that wouldn’t pass a tennis dope test.

President William Jefferson Clinton’s studied law at Yale, for God’s sake – even if he didn’t inhale.

But those days are long gone and how, can I put this, you are a young, single man who quite reasonably enjoys the company of ladies and the odd night of partying.

And that’s a dangerous thing to be in an American university where the atmosphere is now so fraught and tense with political correctness that even contemplating doing anything remotely resembling ‘fun’ is an instant, shaming, life-ruinous thought process.

It’s a pity Jack Montague didn’t get the PC memo.

Last week, Yale’s 22-year-old basketball captain was expelled for an alleged sexual assault on a fellow, female student.

Yesterday, his lawyer issued a statement of Montague’s intent to sue the university.

It states that Montague and the young woman concerned had a consensual sexual relationship during the fall of 2014.

Four times they slept together.

On the second occasion, she entered his bed voluntarily, removed all her clothes and during the night woke him to perform oral sex.

On the third occasion, they had sexual intercourse.

On the fourth occasion, she joined him in bed, voluntarily removed all her clothes, and they had sex. Then they got up and went their separate ways. Later that same night, she reached out to him to meet up again, returned to his room and they spent the rest of the night in bed together.

The girl admits to all of this, apart from what happened on the fourth night. She says she didn’t consent to sex then, he insists she did.

ONE YEAR LATER, she reported him to university officials for sexual assault. An alleged sexual assault in which the victim – who is protected by anonymity – agrees that she left and then returned to her attacker’s bed.

As Montague’s lawyer says: ‘We believe it defies logic and common sense that a woman would seek to re-connect and get back into bed with a man she says forced her to have unwanted sex just hours earlier.’


It doesn’t just defy logic and common sense, it’s complete and utter baloney.

Yet inexplicably, the Dean of Yale accepted the girl’s version of events and ordered Montague to be expelled, a decision then upheld by the Provost.

It doesn’t just defy logic and common sense, it’s complete and utter baloney Reaction to this was swift and furious.

Female students at Yale raced to denounce Montague as a sex monster.

Posters sprang up all round campus saying: ‘I stand with Yale women. End rape culture. Don’t support rapists.’

Montague’s basketball team colleagues showed solidarity by wearing T-shirts with his nickname ‘Gucci’ on them.

They were promptly accused of ‘supporting rape culture’.

To date, there’s been no report to police, and therefore no police investigation, no criminal charge and no conviction.

Yet Montague is now stained forever as a rapist. Convicted at the court of politically correct insanity currently sweeping American campuses.

We live now in an era when Kim Kardashian can bombard millions of complete strangers with naked selfies and is lauded, not least by herself, for ‘sexually empowering women’, but a young man’s glittering university career is ruined on the whim of a young vengeful woman who cries rape a year after an incident so ‘horrifying’ that she returned to her ‘rapist’s’ bed the same night.

I abhor rape and sexual assault as much as anyone. There are few more despicable crimes.

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