I played a minor role in Paris attack- Salah Abdeslam speaks at last!

The only known surviving suspect from the Paris attacks claimed to have only played a minor role in the November bombings and shootings, two French media outlets said late Friday.

Speaking to Belgian authorities on March 19, following his arrest in Brussels, Salah Abdeslam tried to diminish his role in the attacks.

Salah Abdeslam told investigators he rented cars and hotel rooms, prior to the Paris attacks, at his brother's request. When the brothers were staying at their hideout in the northeastern Paris suburb of Bobigny, Brahim gave Salah a suicide belt, BFMTV reported, citing the transcript. Salah also said every time he had expenses associated with the preparation of the attacks, the money came from his brother. Brahim Abdeslam ended up blowing himself up at the Comptoir Voltaire cafe on the night of November 13.

He often referred to his older brother, Brahim, as playing a more important part in the Paris terror operations, according to CNN affiliate, BFMTV, which gained access to the interrogation transcript. The French newspaper Le Monde also said it had access to the document.

Source: CNN


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