How important is spiritual consultation? in Religion and Relationship by Tolu

Africa and religion cannot be separated due to its supernatural belief and understanding which is in fact religion itself.

Before the white brought  into Africa the new and modern faith,  Africa had its religion and practices through which  they  communicated with the supreme being.

95% of Africa's religion was more of old traditions, worshiping deities and oracles. Some of them do believe that the supreme being sent down oracles/deities to serve as intermediary to them. Coming down to west Africa,  precisely Nigeria where different practices and religious deities like Obatala and sango( Yoruba) and amadioha ( Igbo) etc existed  before the arrival of the white man , although some of these dieties are still being worshipped in some parts of the country.

However, the introduction of  the white man's and Arabian  religion into africa changed the mentality of African's and nigerians , althoughat the initial stage the new faiths seemed strange to the native Essence of this religion is to communicate with the divine being which we all term to be God.

Human beings believe in this communication so as to move on the right part of life.

Every religion either Christian, Islam or the African religion (traditionalist) tend to believe there is a supreme being who we all need his guidance in our everyday life.

Also,  these 3 religions have their  respective leaders who individuals approach with the intention and belief , that these set of people are capable of  helping the seek divine intervention and spiritual help

So, back to the topic,  human beings  tend to seek help in different manners on variety of issues .

There have been cases where parents after child birth visit spiritual leaders to know about the child's future and various other issues. Bringing it down to relationship issues.

It is common practise in many African societies  and other societies  that parents usually fix relationships/ marriage for their children .

Parent do usually do this for various reasons.

Either not to allow their kids fall into the wrong family or for security purposes etc.

While doing this, some parent go as far as seeking divine/spiritual assistance to inquire  if a child is at the stage of getting married, they ask for the spouses name and take it to the spiritual leader for help or counselling.

All they want to know is how the relationship/marriage is going to be, if they end up together would it be fruitful? etc. Parent are curious about these questions and they don't want their kids to fall into the wrong hands,so they seek out to ask these questions from their spiritual leader all for there children sake. Meanwhile in my opinion, i think  relationships involves an array of things like  risk, love, insecurity, trust, fun, pain and looking forward to the future and not looking into the future.

For example, a child who  is already in love with a guy/ girl and the parents make inquiry about the guy/lady and it turns out to be an incompatible relationship due to the inquiry.

Or if the  family of the child  have gone round to search for a guy/lady to hook their child up with and the spiritual leader says it's a compatible relationship leading to a forced marriage where there is no love.

The child involved will surely be hurt by this and it would also affect the parties involved for the rest of their lives.

However, My question is ; this inquiry,how important or necessary is it? At what stage should it be done?

Is it right to check into the future?

Thank you.

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