Salah Abdeslam plans to sue French Prosecutor

Terror suspect Salah Abdeslam's Belgian lawyer says he plans to take legal action against a French prosecutor for breaching the confidentiality of the investigation into the deadly November 13 rampage in Paris.

Sven Mary told Belgian public broadcaster RTBF on Sunday that part of the press conference given a day earlier by Paris prosecutor Francois Molins 'is a violation. It's a fault, and I cannot let it go unchallenged'.

Molins said Abdeslam told Belgian officials he had 'wanted to blow himself up at the Stade de France' as a suicide bomber on November 13 but that he backed out at the last minute.

France is seeking Abdeslam's extradition for trial there, but Mary said yesterday that he would fight any attempt to hand over his client.

Abdeslam wandered through the streets of Molenbeek with his accomplices and even used to walk past the police station, according to residents, whilst on the run from Belgian intelligence authorities.

The 26-year-old, who is also believed to have evaded police by hiding in a wardrobe, was seized in Belgium after being shot in the leg by armed police on Friday in the Brussels neighbourhood of Molenbeek, following a four-month manhunt for the 'world's most wanted terrorist'.

Today he woke up behind bars for the first time since his arrest as he faces being extradited to France to face justice, although his lawyer has confirmed he will fight against the process.

It is understood that Belgian and French intelligence services located the wanted fugitive's hideout after listening in on phone conversations at the funeral of Brahim Abdeslam, Salah's brother, who blew himself up in the Paris attacks.

One mourner is thought to have let slip vital information which allowed police to close the net around Abdeslam in Molenbeek, and finally snare him in a raid triggered by a pizza delivery.

Paris prospector Francois Molins said Abdeslam had played a 'central role' in planning the November attacks which killed 130 people, with terrorist group ISIS claiming responsibility.

Mr Molins said Abdeslam had planned to do the same as his brother at the Stade de France before changing his mind.


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