Week 2: Times of Buhari( Why are Nigerians cheating Nigerians)

Today marks the end of the second week in the series titled “Times Of Buhari”. A series meant to cover the experiences of Nigeria during the time of the people’s president, Muhammadu Buhari. One major thing that has affected Nigerians nationwide throughout the week is the fuel scarcity and the hike in the transport fares. In some places, the PMS ( Premium motor spirit) a.ka Petrol, which was originally #65 is now being sold for #120 and #130, and #150 respectively across various filling station in the nation. And if you are a fan of black market, you should be ready to buy the petroleum product for #200 a liter. Even with this exorbitant prices, there are still queues at the petrol station, despite the fact that the price that the petroleum product are being sold are not right. Here, I must also dwell on the issue of hiking prices when there is scarcity, which is a prevalent practice in Nigeria. I was at a filling station on Thursday and as usual I met a queue and the line was moving rather smoothly until an argument ensued between the fuel station’s attendant and a motorist. The motorist wanted to buy fuel worth #3,550(although am not sure about the price), so the attendant after reaching #3,549, the dispensing machine stopped. The motorist asked why he stopped, stating the purchase was incomplete. The attendant simply said, it was programmed, so it can’t get to #3,549 without surpassing the amount he paid for. The motorist refused to accept this claim but got the complete purchase after argument and counter- arguments. However, I noticed during the argument that some Nigerians at the station told the motorist to leave and forget the little amount that was missing and his reply was this although in Yoruba, he said, After buying for #120, i cannot agree with that, it is cheating”. This scenario plays out almost every day at a fuel stations, Nigerians cheat Nigerians despite how hard it is to get the product. Infact some go as far, as tampering with the machine that if you bought 5 litres worth of petrol into a 5 litre container, it would not contain it. Although normally during pre-scarcity days, it would. Why are Nigerians treating Nigerians this way? Dasuki’s gate is small compared to the corruption carried out by many of our people during hard times like this. However, according to another report yesterday which was Good Friday and which was declared an holiday by the federal government , there was a said to be a mad rush at the airports too. One of the major airlines operating in Nigeria, Arik airline, was reported to have had an over-booked plane headed for Lagos, so everybody wanted to enter at once immediately it was announced that any Arik airline plane had landed The question is how did that even Happen?

However in the news this week, The Nigerian senate passed the 2016 budget into law and the Buhari debate became stronger as every Nigeria is watching what the people's president will do with the budget.

Will the change we seek finally emerge?

Also, in the news, the NNPC yesterday was reported to have said that more fuel would arrive to solve the fuel scarcity issue.

We just hope so.

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