Will you Marry me,Linda? By T.I.A( A reply to the Wizkid feud)

From the moment I saw the article about Nigeria musician, Wizkid , having housing issues and was at risk of being evicted from  his Lekki residence on Linda Ikeji's blog . I smelt trouble.

Now it seems my hunch was right, trouble was bound to happen immediately she posted that article and the feud has begun although Linda claims she comes with a clean heart.

The fued officially started today , and it started when Wizkid insulted Linda on Instagram.


Then Linda replied with a whole article,  and so the comments began.

So ever since the spat began some hours ago , I noticed that supporters  of the Nigeria musician were more of males.

While Linda's was the females, according to her  Instagram comment section  that is.

So analysing the statements and actions of  the two,  here is the conclusion I came to.

As a blogger and a content writing expert, Linda's post about Wizkid rent issue was alright given the profession Linda is known for.

She is a blogger for God sakes! An entertainment blogger and by Virtue of her work, all businesses of celebrities that are revealed to her and  worth the news deserves to be posted.

Linda is simply doing what Hollywood Life, TMZ, Perez Hilton etc and other. Popular gossip sites do in barious part of the world.

It is their business to reveal what is going in the life of celebs because that is what they promised to deliver and if you  have a problem with these kinds of news and tabloids, then you need to be schooled on what the life of celebrity is .

So how does the question . Would you marry me , Linda Comes in?

Linda Ikeji is in her  30s, and she has over the Years made a name for herself in the Nigerian entertainment space, but Linda has various flaws and the one in the case between her and Wizkid is ( a character she has exhibited several times) she always replies unnecessary attacks or verbal insults which she considers big enough.

As a professional blogger, this is wrong but some habits and characters are hard to kill.

you are just so tempted to react, but If she gets married , her husband will be able to curb the urge to just reply to anything any celebrity no matter how popular they are.

Sorry that was short, was just joking about marrying me part but let's move to the Wizkid side of the matter .

Seriously dude only a fool would believe any utterances you guys spew out during this feud without any clear evidence .

Mr Wizkid, ! Don't let anybody deceive. You, you are no longer a kid. Two kids proves that you are grown man although not very responsible.

Just one question, when Tmz reveals news about Tyga owing House rent, did you ever hear or see a reply from Tyga?

Mr Ayo! Your business and lifestyle is Linda's work, there is no "bad belle" anywhere.

And if this feud sprang up out of the urge to feed off negative publicity and renew your image in the spotlight.

you both are fools behaving like a poor person who sees wealth for the first time.

You tend to misbehave!

thank you

Your Sincerely .



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