Video: Make sure your Gf doesn’t publicly bash your sisters- Kim slams Rob

The family fallout that took place after Rob Kardashian proposed to Blac Chyna has been revealed in a new trailer for the upcoming 12th season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

In the explosive clip, Kim is shown fuming at her brother for his choice in a romantic partner, while Khloe calls their sudden engagement 'f**ked up'.

With Kylie Jenner looking on, the 35-year-old called Rob and snapped down the phone at him, before delivering a very clear warning.

'You make sure your girlfriend doesn't publicly bash your sisters!' she screamed, after Rob said he wanted 'no fighting'.

In a previous trailer for the season, Kim was shown on the phone to an unknown person - now revealed to be Rob - saying: 'I'm not going to let my sister get disrespected, it's just not what our family does.'

The clips imply that 18-year-old Kylie - who is dating Chyna's ex-fiance and the father of her son Tyga - was left feeling hurt over Rob's relationship, and Kim stepped in to argue on her behalf.

But Kim and Kylie were far from the only family members who were unhappy with the situation

In another sneak peek from the new trailer, Khloe discussed her brother's engagement while getting ready for a photo shoot with Kim and Kourtney.

'He proposed in front of her whole family,' she told her sisters. That is so f**ked up.'

One of the famous sisters is heard in disbelief, gasping: 'No!'

Khloe admitted she was also confused to see formerly reclusive Rob back in the spotlight after revealing his relationship with Chyna.

'The fact that now he wants to be so public blows my mind,' the 31-year-old told someone off-camera. Later in the promo, we get to see the first extended look at Rob's return to his family's reality show, as he defends himself for proposing to Chyna after just three months together.

'Listen to the hostility in your voice, that's exactly why I don't say anything,' he said to Kim, Kourtney and Khloe, suggesting that he didn't tell his siblings before popping the question.

'This is the first time I ever proposed to someone in my life, don't come at me with some bulls***,' he added, slamming rumours that he also proposed to exes Adrienne Bailon and Rita Ora.

The latest drama seems to explain why none of the sock entrepreneur's family members publicly congratulated him on his engagement news.

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