FG receives Queen’s college report over sexual molestation case

The Federal Government said Monday that it has received the report of a probe panel set up to investigate alleged sexual molestation of a Junior Secondary Two (JSII) pupil at Queens College, Yaba, Mainland, Lagos. The Government had last month constituted a five-man panel to probe the sexual molestation allegation against a teacher, Mr Olaseni Oshifala. The panel members were not named. Minister of State for Education, Anthony Anwukah, who confirmed the receipt of the report in an interview to reporters in Abuja on Monday, added that the ministry would look into it and take necessary action. Prof. Anwukah said: “I set up a committee as soon as that thing came up and the committee has been working and they have met their time frame. This is the report. The ministry will now look at the report and in the next couple of days be able take a final action on it. “The report by the committee I set was given to me this morning.” Meanwhile, Prof. Anwukah has said that government will review the current education system in the country to embrace technical education. He explained that it was planning to include technical education and skill acquisition in the curriculum of primary and secondary schools. The minister noted that the current curriculum had not served Nigeria well. Prof. Anwuka said: “In fact there is going to be a new thrust of crafts; technical education, and skills acquisition will start taking a lion share in the primary and secondary curriculum. Entrepreneurship education is going to be the focus. “We have had enough of the academic subjects. We have seen how far they have carried us. Why must people from our neighbouring countries come here to do our POP, tiling? “So we must have to capture these skills back through what we do in our primary, secondary and in our polytechnics. That is it. The survival skills, we have thrown them away. They are no longer parts of our school system. We must go back to it. “The last batch of good artisans we had are the ones who worked with PwD. They are disappearing. Those skills must be thought in our school system.” The minister noted that Nigeria must work to reposition its education to compete with other developed countries by improving on the qualities of teachers it produces. According to him, the country must have quality teachers in its school systems who are well trained and ready to teach. “We are not doing badly but we are not there yet where the developed nations are. A few problems may be responsible for our not been at par with the rest of the world. Understanding, yes they have developed structures that have enabled them move on. “We are evolving a stable system. We are not yet evolved a stable system. For instance, our teacher education is not yet where it should be and I have been singing it as a song since I accepted this responsibility that we must have quality teachers in our school system. “We must have teachers who are trained to be teachers. The education system in terms of teachers is almost populated by more than 50 per cent of people who are not trained to be teachers through to teach in our schools. You must develop the art of teaching. You must be trained with the appropriate skills in teaching in other to become a teacher in our system and this runs from our primary school to the university system,” he added. [draft]Facebooktwitter

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