Kim and Kanye mistakes Sulfurous fumes for Fart in Iceland

Kim and Kanye have been branded ignorant in Iceland by locals after the couple, who traveled to the country for Kourtney's 37th birthday, kept accusing each other of passing gas. What they failed to realize is that they are on a volcanic island and what they're actually smelling is sulfurous fumes...

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have documented every moment of their Iceland adventure over the last week - and there's been one common theme. A mystery smell has followed them everywhere, and it even led to one poor driver being accused of farting as he drove them around.

Locals have since explained the smell is actually down to the sulphurous fumes from Iceland's volcanic springs. One local explained: "They would have seen that in the guidebooks if they'd read them. Most people would know that Iceland is volcanic."


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