When Mothers Raise Their Sons As Kings… by Tosin Akingboye

Please know that this is not a men-bashing article. I am just trying to open our eyes to what the root of the problem is – the Mothers! Yes! The superwomen, the wonderwomen, the matriarchs of the families. If a mother decides to neglect to train her sons accordingly and makes them feel entitled to everything, when the boys become men, they will only act the way they were brought up to act!

When I see men who have little or no respect for women – like the donkey who said on Twitter that any woman who uses a phone that is more expensive than N30, 000 is a prostitute, because there is no way she can buy such a phone with her money – I put most of the blame on the mother! The way the society expects a young lady to be well-behaved courtesy of her mother, is the same way a mother is supposed to train her son not to look down on women just because they have a different device!

Forget gender equality, just be fair and treat people (men and women) the way you would want them to treat you.

When the Senate rejected the Gender Equality bill, a lot of people said it is not about woman rights but human rights and I agree! Let us put aside gender equality, this is about fairness. I am asking you that you treat me the same way you would want me to treat you.\

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