Nigerians Vs Bloggers by T.I.A

When the issue between Wizkid and Linda Ikeji came up, I simply thought it was just going to be the normal trolling as usual by Nigerians but certain and infact majority of the commentators on the issue have exhibited a rather unlikely attitude which is resentment against bloggers.

While another set of commentators were the ones who are just their to do the bidding of the people by simply posting what they want to hear about the feud on their blogs.

The issue that started this all was the issue of posting a story about wizkid house rent.

Apparently going by the comments of some Nigerians and the opinion of the celebrity involved, she shouldn't have posted the story.

Why shouldn't she?

I don't know by why should she?

The answer is simple, Linda Ikeji is an entertainment blogger I.e her content are basically focused on anything that has to do with entertainment and gossip as you know is also part of entertainment. TMZ , PereZ hilton are all entertainment blogs who on daily basis post stories( both true and untrue), gossips, entertainment news.

These brands are the same, except the difference in location and nature of content.

While Linda Ikeji is focused more on Nigerian celebs, Tmz or perez hilton are much more focused on American celebs.

Before going further, Who is a Celeb? Celebrity is fame and public attention in the media, usually applied to a person, group of people (celebrity couple, family, etc.)

Wizkid is a celebrity because people in the mass media aired or spread his music.

Without mass-media, I can categorically say that some of this so called celebs would not be addressed with such title. Blogs are part of mass-media.

So let's add it up, Linda Ikeji is a gossip blogger whose professional business is to get news about the daily life of these celebs who are the core of her Job. You need to check the History of the concept of Celebrity. As a celebrity, your life is no longer personal, anything found about you will be let out to the public because the public wants to know beyond the art of their favourite public figure.

There is nothing bad there except the level of professionalism with the which the news is relayed.

For example, Wizkid's issue is not such a personal issue as Tyga whose has been reported to have issues with his Landlord countless times isn't.

So, what's all the fuss? But that is bygone as the issue hass already been settled.

The issue now is Nigerians Vs Bloggers. The Linda Ikeji issue has exposed the resentment some people have against bloggers, and this is obvious through their comments at Linda Ikeji during the row with Wizkid.

Allegations by most commentator are as follows:

Bloggers are copy pasters( copy and paste)

They are not Journalists

They have corrupted Journalism.

They report false news

They fabricate news to get traffic etc.

Now, Bloggers! No 1 is true if you are news blogger, you don't have monopoly of the news, so you are bound to get your news from various sources that have it,then you can edit.

To those who alledge that blogs report false news. You must know that there are over 100,000 blogs in Nigeria and most people who make this accusation have not seen 10% of these blogs I.e have you viewed up to 10,000 blogs And yet you come to the conclusion that blogs disseminate falsity. Let it be known, that there is no smoke without flame. Behind every false story, there is an iota of truth in it. For example, let's Saraki issue and the CCT. According to a recent report, the house was alledge to have been planning to manipulate a legistlation for saraki over. CCT but the senate today released a report that they were not.

The earlier report might have been based on calculations and assumptions like.

Ask yourself, Why should the Senate bring up a CCT legistlation when one of the member is currently facing a case in the same court?

It is more than coincidence.

The calculation was correct, and the assumption was right

It is not beeef when someone posts a story about you.

They simply got the story and their objective is to publish.

If it contrary to reality, you can contact the blog/media house, they will surely do an update on the story or take it down( last resort)

It is beef when the post is an article that has a barline( the name of the writer of the article)

One thing I see as true Journalism is investigative Journalism and that is rare nowadays worldwide.

Bloggers on the other hand, should take their responsibility serious, we are part of the Fourth estate of the realm. We should learn to stand and use our medium for what is right, good and beneficial to people.

Blogging is no small Job, try it for a year and you would understand.

Bloggers are builders and influencers of modern day value- systems.

If we disseminate the wrong values, it will affect our various societies and will sooner back fire on us.

Thank You!


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